Due to the high volume of received emails, I may not have enough time to reply (all of) your emails. If your CV or background is of interest to me, I will reach out to you.

Ph.D. Students

I am always looking for self-motivated Ph.D. students with strong research interests in security, machine learning, computer architecture, high-efficient computing, and Internet of Things (IoT). If you are interested in pushing forward any of these topics with me, please:

First, please apply for the Ph.D. program of ECE department at Northeastern.

Second, please mention my name as your preferred advisor in your application materials, so your application materials can be easily found.

Note that you are very welcome to reach out via email, please follow the two steps below:

Step-1, Use Prospective PhD student of Semester/Year (e.g., Fall/24) as your email subject; otherwise, your emails might be caught in the spam filter;

Step-2, Share your thoughts after reading at least one of my recent paper(s), and let me know if any of them is of interest to you and why. Responses to generic application emails cannot be guaranteed.


We have postdoc openings. If you are interested in joining my research, please email your CV and 1-2 representative papers.

MS Students at NEU

If you are interested in doing research with me, there are two good ways: (1) take my class or (2) read 1-2 of my recent papers and share your thoughts.

Undergraduate at NEU

If you are interested in working with me, a good way is to take my class first or read my recent papers and discuss with me.